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What Clients Say About “Becoming An Intentional Family”

Husbands’ Comments:

“I’m speaking my wife’s primary love language in our daily conversations.”

“We were not talking at all but now are communicating better.”

“We’re adding more personal time into our lives for communicating.”

“Now we talk it out and don’t let anger shut us in.”

“I’m utilizing the 5 building blocks of becoming an intentional family.”

“I think about my wife’s needs first now.”

“I treat our marriage like a covenant, not a license. It’s not a 50/50 relationship.”

“We’re sharing more day-to-day and long term planning.”

“I’m dismissing my wife’s opinions less now.”

“We can now discuss difficult issues without having to declare a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’.  We now try to find ‘Win/Win’ outcomes.”

“I now know love is not just a physical relationship but more about sharing and caring for one another.”

“I’m thinking healthier about my marriage.”

“Our discussions are more open and less stressful.”

“I’m no longer intentionally pushing my wife’s buttons & upsetting her.”

“We’re beginning to understand each other better, this has strengthened our relationship.”

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Wives’ Comments:

“I listen more to my husband’s needs & try to be less selfish.”

“I’m more intentional about our relationship now.”

“I realized I didn’t have ‘to get it’ all at first. I just started to practice the intentional skills. I love what it’s doing for our relationship.”

“I now think more consciously about how I say what I say to my spouse.”

“I’m being more intentional about making time to be present with my spouse, I’m less defensive.”

“I’m more hopeful about our trust issue.”

“I think differently about how I hear what my spouse is saying.”

“I’m now looking more for ways to let my spouse know I appreciate him.”

“I’m not losing patience with my husband as much.”

“I’m more comfortable putting difficult issues on the table for discussion.”

“I’m thinking differently (more positive/hopeful) about our marriage.”

“I’m able to express my thoughts more now.”

“I’m more hopeful about our trust issue.”

“I’m more understanding & forgiving when he makes a mistake, I look for ways to build trust, even when there has been a breach.”

“We’ve learned how to argue, (‘cuss’, fuss & discuss) without damaging our relationship I’m introducing this process into relationships with family & friends.”

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What Clients Say About “Next-Level Corporate Team Building”

“This process has not only transformed my team but empowered them to work more efficiently, productively and cohesively.” – Charisse Jensen, Mgr. of Corporate Events Registration Dept., YMCA of USA

“Your critical thinking & facilitative process skills proved very effective in engaging our key staff teams to grapple with issues of emotional intelligence that get in the way of moving from good to great.  This process and your professionalism has brought tangible results for our operations. You’ve set up important dialogue for our staff to openly discuss and share important issues that enhance performance or become artificial obstacles to success.  Not many can pull this off as well as you did with us.”  – Norris Lineweaver, CEO, YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

“The biggest impact for us was how the process brought our team closer and we began to act more like a team.  I really don’t want to lose this.  I think it is the only way to move forward and we have a lot of issues that will soon be facing us.” – Roberta Kelzer, CEO, Monroe County YMCA, Bloomington, IN

“The work you did with our Executive Staff Team eight months ago has prepared us to deal with the tragic loss of our Senior Pastor.  Your work will certainly be heraled, if not here, in heaven.”  – Bob Landham, Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN

“On behalf of the judge and staff of the Volunteer Probation Dept. of Davidson County, we wish to extend our sincere thanks to you for working with the youth in our juvenile first offenders program. Some of the children already have a better image of themselves and are beginning to think positive. I hope we can continue this program.” –Christine Johnson, Coordinator, Volunteer Probation Program, Metro Nashville Juvenile Court

“It was amazing to see how our team grew from this training.  At first it seemed like a daunting task that was presented yet through each team meeting we grew to better understand and appreciate each other for what we all contributed to the team and how we need to be more accountable for ourselves.  Cary worked tirelessly with our staff as a group and as individuals and together it all worked to make us stronger”. – Janet Dunn,  COO, YMCA of Greater Augusta, GA

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