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Welcome to Next Level Consulting

Our culture has been infatuated with excellence or being the best we can be for ages.

Hundreds of books have been written on the topic, “In Search of Excellence”, “Good To Great”, “Six Sigma”, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, etc. Millions have bought them. Many have even read them! So why isn’t our society overrun by “Excellence”?

I think the key is two fold:

1) Most of us are not in love with “Excellence” just the idea of being “Excellent”

2) Those of us who seek “Excellence” are using an academic approach (go a workshop, listen to a guru, buy the book, DVD and T-shirt, then go and be “Excellent”!)

The problem is, “Excellence” is not academic. It’s a skill! Skills are learned differently from academics. Skills are learned by practice, practice, practice. They are learned in a “two steps forward and one step back” manner. This means they are learned over time.

We don’t do well with things that take time.

We want to turn on the T.V. and watch a world-wide crisis come into existence, have everyone voluntarily engage in the situation, have the problem solved and live happily ever after in one 30 minute episode! We want to take a pill to lose weight without eating healthy or exercising! We want to go to the head of the class without having to do the work! We really are comfortable to just day dream about being “Excellent”!

Next-Level Consulting is focused on helping Families and Corporate Teams learn and apply the skills necessary to actually reach their full God-given potential instead of day dreaming about how nice that would be. We utilize a three dimensional skills based approach that allows our clients to “Change the way they think about the things they think about”. This is the first step in making life-style changes that will bring about the results we want. This process is founded on spiritual patterns and principles that have been successful through the ages.

At Next-Level Consulting we believe that “Just good, just isn’t good enough” and that “What you ‘seek’ is more important than what you ‘say’ you want.” Let us teach you the skills, introduce you to the patterns and principles and help you achieve more than you ever dreamed you could.

We focus our energy in two areas of the quest for “The Next-Level”:

“Becoming An Intentional Family”: helping couples, regardless of their current relationship, to grow into the relationship they dreamed about when they decided to say “I Do”!

“Next-Level Corporate Team Building”: a non-traditional approach to helping corporate teams eliminate the personal politics, blame game and trust issues that keep them from dealing with difficult issues and achieving their goals more quickly and without all the residual ill feelings and excess baggage that currently slows them down.

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